Volume 700 Liters
Dimensions 6'' x 2'' x 2''
Make Custom


Hey, welcome to my reef and thanks for viewing :)
New to the hobby but been diving for about 5years
Now and been seeing some pretty cool reefs so I
Renovated the house and then decided to make the
Change from freshwater to marine, best thing I've done
To date!


Had a freshwater tank running happy and cleanly for 5/6yrs
Second hand, but sources everything through Mark @ Asquith



Kessil timer

On/Off Morning (I get up early, and she sleeps in, typical!)

On; 5.30 65% colour 100% int
Off; 7.45 0% colour 0% int

On/Off Arvo (home time)

On; 16.30 25% colour 100% int
On; 18.30 100% colour 100% int
On; 23.05 0% colour 50% int
Off; 23.10 0% colour 0% int

9hr 25min total time,
Happy reefing people's :)


Gyre @ 30% so fish and hammers are happy
2 pumps throttled back via taps, so wouldn't have a clue
On flow via them




Everyone is fat and health eating all sources of food
No nipping at corals from anything yet, touch wood

13 Fish

Bicolor Blenny Ecsenius bicolor
Blackwhite clown Amphiprion ocellaris var
Blue Tang Paracanthurus hepatus
Carpenter's Flasher Wrasse Paracheilinus carpenteri
Cubicus Boxfish Ostracion cubicus
Flame Hawkfish Neocirrhitus armatus
Hoeven's Wrasse Halichoeres melanurus
2 Ocellaris Clownfish Amphiprion ocellaris
Orchid Dottyback Pseudochromis fridmani
Sohal Tang Acanthurus sohal
Yellow Tang Zebrasoma flavescens

46 Corals

7 Assorted Zoas Zoanthus sp
Blastomussa Coral Blastomussa merleti
Brain Coral Trachyphyllia Trachyphyllia geoffroyi
Bubble Coral Plerogyra sinuosa
Button Coral Cynarina Cynarina lacrymalis
Button Coral Scolymia Scolymia vitiensis
3 Chalice Coral Echinophyllia aspera
Duncan Polyp Duncanopsammia axifuga
Elegance Coral Catalaphyllia jardinei
2 Fungia
5 Goni
12 Hammer Anchor Coral Euphyllia ancora
Kenya Tree Coral Capnella sp.
2 Morph
Morph rock
Ricordea Mushroom Ricordea yuma
Sun Coral Tubastrea sp.
Torch Coral Euphyllia glabrescens

14 Invertebrate

Crocea Clam Tridacna crocea
Fan Worm rock Sabellida
Giant Green Anemone Anthopleura xanthogrammica
2 Peppermint Shrimp Lysmata wurdemanni complex
2 Porcelain Anemone Crab Neopetrolisthes ohshimai
2 Red Line Cleaner Shrimp Lysmata amboinensis
Red Starfish Euryalina sp
Sand Sifting Sea Star Astropecten polycanthus
Turbo Snail Turbo fluctuosa
2 Vampire snail


Hydor Smart Level
Tunze Glass Blade
3 Kessil LED Light Pendant Gooseneck
Aqua one pump 400/ltr
Aqua One Moray
Nyos quantum 160


Phos remover - 3.5ml - nightly
Amino acid - 5.5ml - nightly
Bactor gen - 10ml - nightly

Feeding See more

Reef roids · Frozen brine shrimp · New life spectrum pellets · Nori · Frozen mysis
* Sprinkle of spectrum new life foods
* Frozen brine dilluted and dispersed through
Thank via wavemaker
* Target feed reef roids to corals


* Weekly 150/ltr water changes, from a 1000ltr ibc under the house
* Test weekly 24/48hr after water change (concretor never know the Crete)
* Monthly gravel clean
* 3/4month big clean, (see what happens as it matures)
* Top up 11ltr R/O unit every 2/3days and Kalk every second
* Glass blade when needed
* Clean external glass after I get saltwater on it, due to feeding etc
* Keep the nori up in the tank
* Clean skimmer cup when dirty
*2x300w heaters on the night before water change
*6mins from ibc to tank via moray
*6mins to take water out of tank via pump to floor waste
*2mins to fill 15ltr ro collapsible container

On average you perform a 18.6% water change every 9 days.

0% total water change in August.

0 activities in the last year

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Inspiration & Goals

Inspiration - Mother Nature! She's the bees knees!
And diving shows me some scapes we could only dream of!
And I live in Sydney and its to cold for a experienced diver to dive
Sydney in a 7mm when your bone thin! And you've seen it all
Plus, it won't stop raining during the better of months

Goals -

To be able to sit back after a day in the mud to watch a
awesome reef In all its glory!
My missus to enjoy the hobby as much as me(she should love it more,
She doesn't have to clean it, just looks and the odd feed)
To have everyone grow up fat and healthy, and live in a nice stable environment.

Words of Wisdom

Dory - just keep swimming. Just keep swimming!

Good things take time, and we are building a ecosystem
So slow and easy

Disasters & Regrets

Was given a 220ltr tank with the 2clowns and blue tang
And the assbandit sprung a leak at 10pm one night,
Hence why my cycle was cut short, I didn't have much choice,
Mark was holding my rock for a fair while, all the levels were fine :)

Not getting it made in starfire glass haha ;)


Jess - my wicked missus who has sat by me through rennos
Till past midnight for months! And then when run out of materials
Start another project! Haha and for happily eating scraps so the
Tank can be as pretty as it is, I've learnt so far it's a expensive hobby :)
But well worth it

Mark @ Asquith Aquariums - for hes hard work and time
Spent helping me get this bad boy peiced together! Awesome bloke!

Adam Townsend - for all the help with scaping and water changes
Plus the know how of experience

Mark Reichel - for the help withe current scape

Drew reeves - for experience and helping me out when I have a q

Dave Martin - for the lighting under cabniet, I don't like power

Llyod - Old matey who delivers my saltwater, and he's boys
Saves me a lot of buckets! Got over that quickly!

Everyone else I've missed out on or spoken to about the tank
It's much appreciated the help I've got to get this far :)