My Aquarium

b37 5nz
Volume 240 Liters
Dimensions 120cm x 40cm x 55cm
Make Fluval
Model Roma 240


This page is dedicated to my 240 litre tank. I hope you enjoy visiting and seeing what is happening within my tank.


I have been keeping fish for over 10 years now. Majority of the fish have been fresh water tropical.


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My tank is filtered with two filters:

Fluval 306
Filter sponges
Filter floss

Fluval G6
Mechanical filter
Two filter sponges to increase biological filtration
Fluval G6 biomax


I have 4 x TMC aquagro 600's


my flow rate is fairly good. I have two filters running ( Fluval 306 and Fluval G 6 with outlets at the right hand side of my tank, and a power head on the left hand side of the tank just above the CO2 reactor to circulate water , remove dead zones and break down any excess Co2 from the reactor.




I have a mixture of fish within my tank. Some of which some fish keepers wouldn't agree with, however they balance is quite harmonious.

Rainbow fish
Cardinal tetras
Siamese algae eaters

90 Fish

2 Angel fish sp sp
3 Angel fish sp sp
Blue Diamond Discus Symphysodon sp.
Blue Leopard snake skin Discus sp sp
2 Blue Scorpion Snake skin Discus sp sp
5 Boesemani Rainbowfish Melanotaenia Boesemani
9 Cardinal Tetra Paracheirodon axelrodi
3 Elegant cory Corydoras elegans
2 Empire Gudgeon Hypseleotris Compressa
3 Fairy Cory Corydoras atropersonatus
25 Kribensis Cichlid Pelvicachromis pulcher
4 Otocinclus Catfish Otocinclus sp
4 Otocinclus Catfish Otocinclus sp.
3 Ottos sp sp
3 Ottos sp sp
4 Peacock Gudgeon Tateurndina ocellicauda
Sailfin Pleco Glyptoperichthys gibbiceps
2 Sword Tail Platy
2 Sword tail platy

13 Plants

Alternanthera Reineckii Alternanthera reineckii
4 Amazon Sword Echinodorus amazonicus
Anubias Coffeefolia Anubias coffeefolia
Cryptocoryne Undulata brown Cryptocoryne undulata
Cryptocoryne usteriana Cryptocoryne usteriana
Cyperus Helferi Cyperus helferi
Hygrophila angustfolia Hygr sp
Java Fern Microsorum pteropus
Lobelia Cardinalis Wavy Lobelia Cardinalis Wavy
Rosanervig Hygrophila polysperma


I do have a JBL proflora test kit which I upgraded to include tests that are not within that test kit as standard.

My goals on the water parameter wise is keeping a balance with nutrients for the plants and clean water to support the tanks fish ( especially the discus).

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Seachem Flourish Advanced · Seachem Pristine · Easy life profito · Seachem Prime · Microbe-lift FE
I use the following additives weekly

JBL Ferropol
Seachem Nitrogen

I also alternate the liquid fertilisers with
Seachem Excel
Coloumbo pro flora max

Feeding See more

Jbl plankton · Muscle mix · Hikari plec food · Jmc catfish tablets · Hikari algae tab · Jmc catfish pellet · Jmc catfish pellets · Hikari discus pellets · Hikari plec pellets · Hikari plec tab · Dr bassleerbiofish food · Hikari pleco food · Tetra colur flakes · Vitalis tropical grazer · Aquacare tropical tabs · Hikari Discus · Dr Bassleer biofush food · Dr Bassleer · Fish science - Cory Tablets · JBL Novo Artemio · Vitalis Plec Pellets · Tetra Colour flates · Fish science - Malawi pellet food · Muscle mix - just discus · Tetra Pleco flakes · Hugo Kamishi algae wafers · Dr Bassleer biofish food · Repashy morning wood · Fish science - fish treats with shrimp · Aquarian flake mix · Frozen blood worm · Fluval bug bites - colour enhancing · Gamma blister brineshrimp +garlic · Blood worm +Omega frozen · Discus menu+omega3 · Glass grazer · Peas · Fish science malaxi pellets · Repashy food · Malawi pellet food · Hugo Kamishi algae waffer · Discus Omega frozen · Gamma frozen brine shrimp · Brine shrimp + Spiriluna · Bug bites colour · Fluval bug bites · Masstick · Tetra Pro colour · Cookies · Blood worm frozen · Brine shrimp + Garlic · Betta choice catfish pellets · Ocean nutrition algae wafffer · Bug bites
I have a varied diet for my fish. These include:

JMC catfish pellets
Hikari Discus and Plec food
JBL plankton
Home made Muscle mix
DR Basleer bio food
Aquacare tropical tabs
Vitalis Tropical grazer


I preform weekly water changes using two 25 litre jerricans and only maintenance bucket.

I prefer to use the maintenance bucket to clean any filter media in and also after use, keeping the wet equipment in.

I refill the tank with a Aquamarin water pump which I submerge into the jerricans. This has reduced some time on the water changes.

On average you perform a 39.4% water change every 74 days.

0% total water change in January.

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Inspiration & Goals

My goals:

Growing my own plants
Creating a natural environment
having the best looking and healthiest fish I can

Words of Wisdom

Patience. It doesn't matter what fish you are keeping, but patience is key.

Don't rush things, and do research.

Disasters & Regrets

In the past not being patient and not doing research.


Thanks to all those that have shown me the way.