Tanks doing fine. Leaving Co2 off for a while as there is enough natural co2 in the water column.

Managed to get water changed and filter clean to 30mins, so shaved 30mins off the normal routine!

Little wins!
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Have recently added a co2 diffuser instead of a reactor. Ive fine tuned the cellonoid from 44 bubbles per min to 23 bubbles per min.

This should reflect in the pH.

Have also been dosing with the aquascaper ferts that George Farmer uses to see the difference in plants.

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Co2 - 20mg/l
View June 1, 2018 02:59
Co2 - 18mg/l
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Been kinda of out of sorts lately and just recently out of hospital so now im feeling a little better Ive done a quick water change.

Need to get back on track. Wish me luck!
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Sadly today Bluey the Discus passed away. ??
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Co2 - 38mg/l
View March 19, 2018 14:57
O2 - 10 mg/l (ppm)
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The JBL Ferropol Seachem fert combo is making a positive impact. I have added some crushed coral to the Fluval G6 to raise KH and GH so will keep an eye on this over the next day or so.
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Added a Seachem Ammonia Alert to the tank that I got in February’s my Aquarium box.
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