dtum ‐ Such a great video and such an awesome song!
I can't believe how good you've become at making these videos, timing is perfect and I really get to experience the tank in its glory. Very nice.
urbaneks ‐ D,
Thanks for watching the video and taking the time to comment. I really like the opening shot of the tank from out in the hall way.
slo-mo-shun ‐ Great video showing your simply stunning tank, some great specimens. Love it.
urbaneks ‐ Thanks you.
reefman_qc ‐ Nice tank and a great video ! A must see...
urbaneks ‐ Thank you reefman_qc
ssbk23 ‐ Great video. Your tank is immaculate, so clean!
Still my favourite tank on AL :)
urbaneks ‐ Thanks so much for the kind words.
d2mini ‐ STUNNING tank! And great song. :)
urbaneks ‐ Thanks so much.
mayja ‐ This video represents my "endgame." If I can get to this - I win at fish.
djkms ‐ Haha, endgame. There is no endgame!!!! ^^Beautiful tank and wonderful video!
urbaneks ‐ Many thanks.
urbaneks ‐ So true.
alvin ‐ Hi, I cant add videos from u-tube, to my videos on aquatic log, keeps saying, Video link must start with http:// or https://.
but the link is fine.
Have u got any idea what's happening.
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