ADA Trio

Volume 54 Gallons
Dimensions 24'' x 12'' x 14''
Make ADA
Model 60P
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4 Fish

Magnificent Fire Fish sp sp
Purple Firefish Nemateleotris decora
Starry Blenny Salarias ramosus
Tanaka's Possum Wrasse sp sp

27 Corals

Acropora Borealis Acropora borealis
Battle Corals Aquatic-Man Table sp sp
Battle Corals North Star Clathrata sp sp
BattleCorals Flowers Grow Out of My Grave (When I Think About You) sp sp
BattleCorals Peacock Plana sp sp
BattleCorals Pink Milli sp sp
BattleCorals Rainbows in Spain sp sp
BattleCorals Sky Dopple sp sp
Blastos sp sp
Cali Tort sp sp
Efflo sp sp
Golden Hammer sp sp
Green Acan sp sp
Green Gonipora sp sp
Green/Orange Acan sp sp
Hammer Coral sp sp
JF Champaign Acro sp sp
ORA Hawkins sp sp
ORA Pearl Berry sp sp
ORA Pink Birds Nest sp sp
Orange Acan sp sp
Oregon Tort sp sp
Pro Corals Rainbow sp sp
Pro Corals Superman sp sp
Red Dragon sp sp
Stetalla Digitata sp sp
Strawberry Shortcake Acropora microclados

2 Invertebrate

Pistol Shrimp sp sp
Rainbow BTA sp sp


Temperature Probe
pH Probe
Two Little Fishes Bio Pellets

On average you perform a 42.8% water change every 36 days.

0% total water change in July.

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Alk tested at 6.7, found doser hose had came disconnected. Reconnected and tested line. Manually dosed tank with 30ml of alk solution. Should get me back to 7.5. Will retest tomorrow.
Manually dosed 120ml of magnesium solution to get mag from 1290 to 1320. All other measurements were on target.
Added a 2 hour period to my photo schedule to include 60% blues with 0 white, red, green. This is the photo schedule recommended by D. Will see how the 2 hour period works and go from there.
Alk at 8.3, Cal at 450. Both a tad higher than I'd like but within my ranges. Will not chase target and just allow tank to stay as is.

Mag at 1325, will keep mag dose as well.
Big maintenance day today. Cleaned return and skimmer pumps as well as all reactors and the sump.

I added 3g to the sump bringing the water level up to 9" for the skimmer. Estimated w
Alk tested at 7.7 today vs. 8.0. Increased daily dose to account for loss over 7 days. Manually dosed to get to 8.15.

Mag tested at 1305 instead of 1350. Increased daily dose to acco

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