Marine Anti- Bacterial treatment successful. Yellow Tang back to full health. I would certainly recommend this product to others. Will add carbon and do a 50ltr water change today.
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Added Marine Anti-Bacterial treatment by NT Labs to try and help out rather poorly yellow tang. 60ml for my 275 ltr tank -Skimmer off for two hours as per instruction. Polyfilter and carbon removed. Needs to be in the tank for ten days - Hopefully no damage will be done as it does say reef safe! So far corals and inverts all still look good.
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Thanks to Chronzz,dtum and djkms for feeding advice for my Copper band. It is still with me and the live red worms are keeping it fed and healthy, even showing a little interest in dry food. I will keep members posted of its progress still early days.
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Copper Banded Butterfly refuses to eat any suggestions ? It was eating when I purchased it and even the same food is not working. Any advice welcome.
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Well after nine months my clowns have finally decided to go inside of the Purple Tipped Atlantic Anemone. I had read that it is not a preferred choice as its sting is stronger than other types. Clowns now seem really at home!
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Changed Charcoal.
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