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Age 5 years, 8 months
Started March 26, 2013
Official Volume 75 Gallons
Actual Volume 85 Gallons
Dimensions 48'' x 18'' x 21''
Make Aqueon 75 with Custom Durso Overflow
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reefman_qc ‐ Contrats for the TOTW bros ! 👍
vancouverreefer ‐ Thanks Man! I am surprised to get it as my tank is still young and bare, but with each month it gets a little more goodies inside it!!!
mangups ‐ Beautiful setup !!
alvin ‐ Nice.


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Custom DIY LED Array
Custom DIY built into Aquatroller
Aquatroller - DIY Custom Controller
4 Dose pumps built into Aquatroller.
Bulk Reef Supply 2 part Kit
Bulk Reef Supply Bituminous Carbon
Kent Garlic Xtreme
Bulk Reef Supply DI Resin
KX Matrikx CTO Plus Carbon Block 5 Micron Filter
80 lbs Caribsea Fiji Pink Arag-Alive Reef Sand

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Morning Feeding - Crushed mix of NLS Pellet,Freeze Dried Cyclopeeze and Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp · Evening Feeding - Frozen DIY blend of Mysis, Cyclopeeze with Garlic Extreme Or NLS Pellet · Coral Frenzy spot fed to LPS and Zoas 2-3 times a week after lights out - Noticed increased coral growth since spot feeging began.

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13 Fish

5 Blue Reef Chromis Chromis cyaneus
Diamond Watchman Goby Valenciennea puellaris
2 Dispar Anthias Pseudanthias dispar
Ocellaris Clownfish Amphiprion ocellaris
Six Line Wrasse Pseudocheilinus hexataenia
Yellow Tang Zebrasoma flavescens
Yellow Watchman Goby Cryptocentrus cinctus

53 Corals

Assorted Zoa Frag Zoanthus sp.
Blue Hammer Coral Euphyllia parancora
Blue Ricordia Ricordea Florida
Blue Tenius Acro Acropora sp
Dendrophyllia Dendrophyllia
Elegance Coral Catalaphyllia jardinei
Empire Zoas Zoanthus sp.
2 Frogspawn Coral - Branched Euphyllia paradivisa
Green Digitata Acropora digitata
Green Millipora Acropora millepora
2 Green Ricordia Ricordea yuma
Green Zoanthid Zoanthus sp.
Green/Purple Acan Acanthastrea echinata
Green/Red Blasto Blastomussa Merleti
Lava Zoanthid Zoanthus sp.
Nuclear Green Torch Coral Euphyllia glabrescens
Orange Montipora Montipora digitata
Orange/Blue Yuma Ricordea yuma
Panama Blues Zoas Zoanthus sp.
Purple Acan Acanthastrea echinata
Purple Cactus Coral Pavona decussata
Purple Pocillopora Pocillopora sp
Purple Red Zoa Zoanthus sp.
Purple Torch
Purple/Blue Acan Coral Acanthastrea echinata
Purple/Green Acan Acanthastrea echinata
Purple/Green Acan Coral Acanthastrea echinata
Purple/Green Hammer Coral Euphyllia parancora
Red Digitata Acropora digitata
Red Fuzzy Mushroom Rhodactis howesii
Red Mushroom Actinodiscus sp.
Red/Blue Acan Acanthastrea echinata
Red/Blue Blasto Blastomussa Merleti
Strawberry Acan Coral Acanthastrea echinata
Teal Birds Nest
2 Water Melon Zoanthid Zoanthus sp.
Wolverine Zoa Zoanthus sp.
Yellow Green Birds Nest

25 Invertebrate

4 Bumble Bee Snail Engina sp.
2 Cerith Snail Cerithium sp.
4 Dwarf Zebra Hermit Crab Calcinus laevimanus
Feather Duster Sabellastarte sp.
3 Fighting Conch Strombus spp.
7 Nassarius Snail Nassarius sp.
Porcelain Anemone Crab Neopetrolisthes ohshimai
Red Line Cleaner Shrimp Lysmata amboinensis
2 Scarlet Reef Hermit Crab Paguristes cadenati

On average you perform a 5.9% water change every 7 days.

0% total water change in December.

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Upped Alk & Calc to 30ml per day
2.3ml of full Red Sea colours program started. Dose once per week.
2.3ml Coral Colours A & B started. Dose once per week. Reds and Pinks targeted.

2inner caps of Aquavitro Fuel added. Dose once per week
Nitrate = 0.65ppm
Phosphate = 0.00ppm

Another 100ml of BioPellets added to system. 200ml Total.
110ml of calc added to start bringing Ca up to 450 ppm.

100ml of BioPellets added to system. 300ml total to run on system.

GfO removed, BioPellets added.
Carbon and GFO Changed