Planted 12g

Volume 12 Gallons
Make Fluval
Model Fluval 12g
No photo


11 Fish

2 Cherry Barb Puntius titteya
2 Glowlight Danio Danio choprai
Glowlight Tetra Hemigrammus erythrozonus
3 Neon Tetra Paracheirodon Innesi
2 Yoyo Loach Botia Almorhae

2 Plants

Amazon Sword Echinodorus amazonicus
Anubias Barteri v.Nana Anubias Barteri v.Nana

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Pleco has rid the tank of all its algae including that on the leaves of the amazonian sword plant.
Came home at 3 and failed to feed the fish on time, they found my ghost shrimp quite apetizing. Still do no know who the culprit is but I am assuming it is my yo yo loaches.

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