Volume 130 Liters
Dimensions 61cm x 50cm x 50cm
Make Red Sea Max
Model 130
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Before starting this project I have realised the importance of knowing clearly what I want to achieve versus working it out along the way. Simply saying "I want corals in a tank" just doesn?t cut it, and looking at some of the beautiful tanks out there, the common theme appears to be the forethought that went into getting it there. Now understanding the limitations of a AIO tank with a rear sump chamber and moderate T5 lighting means that some things are just not possible.
So the plan is the following:
The tank will be a mixed reef to a degree (SPS/LPS)
The live rock will be removed or repositioned to accommodate the original plan of being able to easily clean all four sides of the tank
The top tier of the tank will be dedicated to easy to care for SPS colonies, a few at most in contrasting colours (to account for the lower PAR until the lights upgraded)
The next tier will be left for encrusting/plating corals with lower light requirements
The bottom tier will be for low light, soft corals /LPS, preferably non evasive but once again in low numbers to allow them to highlight each other and allow for growth
The sand will remain clear of corals
The single clown will remain ( my Wife bought it for our daughter)
Fish will be purchased to be appropriate to the size of the tank; at the moment considering a small hawk fish, a blenny (or Mandarin if the wife gets her way) and maybe something else depending on peoples suggestions and availability

As I am not looking to replicate a reef look 100% and are more interested in the aqua scaping the tank. I want the tank to be very clean, with an emphasis on the colours that can be achieved in a marine tank. This means I am aiming for top notch filtration and can't afford to crash the tank every time the power goes off. Plus I haven's spent all this money to just look at algae!





1 Fish

Clown Fish A. percula


Generic Heater - 300w
Generic Return Pump
Generic Refractometer
Mini Sump

On average you perform a 15.9% water change every 179 days.

0% total water change in August.

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Running out of time today, will have to complete maintenance tomorrow.
Ok 4 days into ZEOvit and so far nothing to note. Still cleaning glass every couple of days and macro is still looking healthy and green. Hopefully should see an inprovement in my tests tomorrow.
OK I may have jumped the gun on the microbubble celebration.... I am going to have to extend the inlet pipes on the pumps after all. Off to the hardware store tomorrow :D
No more microbubbles yay!
I have started on the ZEOvit adventure! Just the basics to begin with as recommended:

- ZEObac
- ZEOfood
- ZEOstart
- ZEOlite
- Carbon

This looks like
Massive delays to my upgrade process - its seems having a new baby and spare time just dont mix! So far the sump is in and working, however the ATO and MP10 are still not working.

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