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Care Level: Advanced
Aggresiveness: Low to moderately aggressive towards other SPS type corals. May be stung by more agressive corals like the LPS, especially those that produce sweeper tentacles.
Lighting Requirements: Strong light like Metal Halides, T-5's, or LED recommended.
Water Flow: Strong, random flow is prefered
Tank Placement: Top third of tank
Water Quality: Very clean, stable water quality is preferred and may help prevent browning out. Calcium, Alkalinity, and Magnesium are important to skeletal growth.

Special Notes:
Acropora do have something of a reputation for being tricky to keep. They are sensitive to water quality problems, as well as to lighting. Frags and small colonies (especially captive grown) tend to ship better and have a better track record for home survival. However for the experienced hobbyist who is prepared to meet their needs these can be some of the most rewarding and beautiful corals to keep.
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