DECEMBER PLAN: Bring up ALk to 8.6 and after that is achievced I will begin to dose 5ml/day B-Ionic solution to keep alkalinity stable and I will monitor Calcium to see when I need to dose. To remove Cyano bacteria I will Keep up a weekly water change schedule and manually remove what I can. Testing will be done bi-weekly before waterchange and once after to monitor progress.

As of Right now:
Alk: 8.23
Ca: 435
View November 29, 2020 18:32
Removed rock with aptasia and did 10gal WC. Detritus was syphoned out and rocks were brushed off.
Found Problem at RODI system. System was adding 200 TDS into tank the entire time..... Replaced Both Membranes 11/13/2020. Found DI Resin Cartrages to be installed upside down.. Ordered New DI Resin. Top Off water now has 000 TDS:).
Goal is to not have Cyano and Dinos with weekly WC's.
View November 15, 2020 02:45
Replaced RODI Unit Membranes and fixed DI Resin filters. 0 TDS Comming out of the DI Resin.
Need to do 20% WC Tomorrow morning.
View November 14, 2020 06:42
Increased T5 Photoperiod from 10am-7pm to 9am-9pm for an increase of 3 Total hours.
View October 19, 2020 16:03
PC Rainbow browing out but other coral look okay.
1)Nitrates 12, Phosphate 0.08
------>Turned on skimmer, replaced filter sock.
2) possible not enough light??
------>Increased Blue, Royal Blue, and deep blue to 90% and white to 15%
Red Algae becoming an issue
.......need to manually remove during next WC.
Aptasia in tank x10
.......Get Aptasia X back from dad.
Dinos seem to be suppressed with the addition of the UV Sterilizer. :)
View October 18, 2020 22:24
Mounted all frags onto rocks.
Added Another Hydor pump 1000+ gph
View September 27, 2020 18:59
EVS B-Ionic Nitrate works great. 1ml/day for 4 days started 9/16 (2ppm). Tested on the 5th day 9/20 (8ppm) and stopped dosing. Retested on 9/27 (4ppm) Nitrate..... So After Next 20 % Water Change try dosing 1ml/day for 4 days and retest.
Increased AI 52 Light Intensity
White 8-->10
Blue 80-->85
Royal 80-->85
Overall slow growth in tank but polyp extension on all Acropora.
Alkalinity uptake seems steady at about 0.2 dkh.
Red/Purple slime or Coraline on Rocks.
Film Algae Is abundant.
Dinos/Air Bubbles are still present in tank.
View September 27, 2020 15:11
Start today EVS B-Ionic Nitrate add 3ml/day for 5 days. Test No3 on fifth day. Current No3 is 2ppm
View September 16, 2020 20:40
x2 ORA Purple plasma died, unknown reason why atm....

Lightsaber Milli is still okay but seems less colorful.

Noticed ATO Sensor was not working so I cleaned off and it worked. Need to send it back to manufacture.
-------> Salinty 1.032 Calibration Solution wrong for Refractometer.
View August 7, 2020 04:19
Stored 1.026 Sg water mixed 13 days ago tested 1.026 Sg and 12.82 dkh.
Added 5 Frags from CVR member Matt Fugman. (x2)ORA Purple Plasma, Forest Fire Digi, Lightsaber Milli, Tableing acro.
PLAN: Watch Corals for 2 weeks and if it looks like they are not doing good then add more flow.
View August 4, 2020 03:35