87system on Jan 29, 2019
ceawalkman ‐ You have some of the best developed tanks. How do you keep them so close do they ever hurt each other?
ytateno ‐ Thank you for your comments.
I will write in detail on the 87system-3tanks&5sumps introduction later.
- I like both corals(sps) and its eater butterflyfish
- because the difference between them is large, it is difficult to make them successful at the common water system
ytateno ‐ Keypoint is
Ans1: distributed filtration and two steps overflow of each tank
Ans2: differing the salinity of each tank
butterflyfish:27-29ppm / coral: 33-34ppm
(dosing RO water to butterflyfish tank)
Ans3: differing the water temperature of each tank
butterflyfish:23.8dC / coral:24.5dC
(distributed heaters and coolers)
Ans3: to sterilize ultraviolet light only in the drainage of the butterflyfish tank
Ans4: 35 years experience on a large aquarium from a small aquarium. Under conditions of low water volume, it is easy to control various deviations.
ytateno ‐ The bad influences of each other can not be 0. I think that efforts to bring it close to 0 are important.
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