87system on Feb 1, 2019
ceawalkman ‐ I think I love a softy tank but have a place in my hearts for acros.
ytateno ‐ to:ceawalkman thanks!
ytateno ‐ I think so.
I have been marine aquarium for more than 30 years.
Prior to the current system, I had bred a lot of acros at a volume of 800liters of water. So I also love acros.
ytateno ‐ Now I have three small aquariums and join them to form a system.
Please refer to 87system-3tanks&5sumps and other photos.
1: SoftCoral & LPS with small fishes (this photo) (8L cube)
2: for Butterflyfishes (20L )
3: LPS & SPS with Angelfishes & Butterflyfishes (30L)
*: sum of 5 sumps (40L)

There are several acros in tank 3:.
Please also look at other photos.
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