It is an aquarium created in March 2019.

Hi! I am Y.Tateno of Japan.
My nickname is yashichi.
In Japanese, ya = 8, shichi = 7, so I named my aquarium 87system.
In addition, I used 87 because I started marine aquarium in 1987.
At first I was thinking of naming it as 87reef, but I chose 87system for the purpose of widely introducing the unique self-made nano-system I am focusing on now.

When I post a lot of photos, it is difficult to scroll to see them, so I have classified them into several categories.
I hope you enjoy them.
87system’19 ... New system in 2019
87system’19EQPT ... feat. Equipments
87system’19F&C ... feat. Fish and Coral
87system’19pico ... Medaka in a tiny tank
87system’19macro ... close-up photo
87system’15-18 ... photo of the old aquarium
87system-atelier ... work process
87system-tmp ... temporary tank





62 Fish

Atoll Butterflyfish Chaetodon Mertensii
Bicolor Angelfish Centropyge Bicolor
Blackback Butterflyfish Chaetodon Melannotus
Blacktail Goby Ptereleotris Heteroptera
Blacktail Humbug Dascyllus Melanurus
Blue Angelfish Holacanthus Bermudensis
2 Blue-girdled vs Blue-ringed AF juvenile Pomacanthus Navarchus vs Annularis
Blueblotch Butterflyfish Chaetodon Plebeius
Bule Line Anglelfish Chaetodontoplus Septentrionalis
Cherubfish Centropyge Argi
Copperband Butterflyfish Chelmon Rostratus
Cortez Angelfish Pomacanthus Zonipectus
Dotted Butterflyfish Chaetodon Semeion
Eibl's Angelfish Centropyge Eibli
Eight-banded Butterflyfish Chaetodon Octofasciatus
Emperor Angelfish young fish Pomacanthus Imperator
Flame Angelfish Centropyge loricula
Flame Angelfish@Christmas Centropyge loricula
French Angelfish Pomacanthus Paru
Gray Angelfish Pomacanthus Arcuatus
Green Chromis Chromis Viridis
2 Green Spotted Puffer Tetraodon Nigroviridis
Jewelled Blenny Salarias Fasciatus
Keyhole Angelfish Centropyge Tibicen
Latticed Butterflyfish Chaetodon Rafflesii
LatticedBF VS DottedBF Chaetodon Rafflesii VS Semeion
Lemonpeel Angelfish Centropyge Flavissimus
Multibarred Angelfish @Marshall Centropyge Multifasciata
Multicolor Angelfish Centropyge Multicolor
Orange Face Butterflyfish Chaetodon Larvatus
Orange Spotted Filefish Oxymonacanthus Longirostris
Oriental Butterflyfish Chaetodon Auripes
Ornate Cowfish Aracana Ornata
Potter′s Angelfish Centropyge Potteri
Purple masked Angelfish Centropyge Venusta
Queen Angelfish juvenile Holacanthus Ciliaris
Razorfish Aeoliscus Strigatus
Rock Beauty Holacanthus Tricolor
Royal Angelfish Pygoplites Diacanthus
Royal Angelfish@IndianOcean Pygoplites Diacanthus
Sailfin Tang Zebrasoma Veliferum
Semicircle Angelfish Pomacanthus Semicirculatus
2 Silver Batfish Monodactylus Argenteus
2 SixLine Wrasse Pseudocheilinus Hexataenia
Spot-banded Butterflyfish Chaetodon Punctatofasciatus
Spotted Sharpnose Canthigaster Solandri
3 Stocky Anthias Pseudanthias Hypselosoma
Vagabond Butterflyfish Chaetodon Ⅴagabundus
Vermiculated Angelfish Chaetodontoplus Mesoleucus
West African Angelfish Holacanthus Africanus
Yaeyama Blenny Ecsenius Yaeyamaensis
Yellow Angelfish Centropyge Heraldi
Yellowband Angelfish Pomacanthus Maculosus
Yellowfin Angelfish Centropyge Flavipectoralis
yang fish of Emperor vs Semicircle AF sp sp

33 Corals

Acropora Digitifera Acropora Digitifera
Acropora sp. @Tonga Acropora Digitifera
Blasto Coral Blastomussa Wellsi
Button Polyps green and orange Protopalythoa Mutuki
Frogspawn Coral Euphyllia Divisa
2 Galaxy Coral Galaxea Fascicularis
Green Birdsnest Coral Seriatopora Caliendrum
Heteroxenia sp. @Fiji Heteroxenia sp
Heteroxenia sp. @Okinawa Heteroxenia sp
Leather Coral Sarcophyton sp
Leather Coral @Okinawa Sarcophyton sp
Lesser Knob Coral Cyphastrea Serailia
Montipora sp. @Tonga Montipora Verrucosa
Pavona Maldivensis Coral Pavona Maldivensis
Porous Sea Rod Pseudoplexaura Porosa
Purple Sea Plume Muriceopsis Flavida
5 Ricordea Florida Coral Ricordea Florida
Spiny Cup Coral Pectinia sp
Staghorn Coral Acropora Microphthalma
Star Polyp @Ishigaki Pachyclavularia Ⅴiolacea
Xenia sp. Xenia sp
Xenia sp. @Okinawa Xenia sp
Yellow Finger Coral and Palm Tree Polyps Porites Cylindrica & Clavularia Inflata
Zoas Coral Zoanthus sp
Zoas Coral @Fiji Zoanthus sp
Zoas Coral @Okinawa Zoanthus sp
Zoas Coral @Taiwan Zoanthus sp
Zoas Coral @Vietnam Zoanthus sp


Beppin Soil Bacteria
Bicom 21PD
NPB A810
ZiCRA Benissimo
2 Shoei 2nd150
Shoei 2nd300PH
Shoei SCP150

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0% total water change in December.

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