Here is a room to introduce you to my work place and work process.
There are things that you can not see after setting up the aquarium, so don't miss it. ;P


I love marine aquariums.
I like the various fish and corals, of course, but more than that, I have been fascinated by the sophisticated and beautiful equipments for many years.
I have tried various aquarium challenges for many years, but there were many cases where commercial products could not meet my ideal.
So it is my daily routine to customize and tune.

I have also challenged motor sports.
I think the challenge for marine aquariums is similar to the challenge for motor sports in terms of customization and tuning towards the ideal.



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Inspiration & Goals

As long as I enjoy the aquarium, I improve the way little by little every day and I think that there is no goal.


Thank you for always following and commenting.
I would like to provide photos that can not be seen elsewhere.