Cleaned everything today, made some changes on circulation and such. other than that everything is as it should be and i am trying to do as little as possible.
View February 29, 2016 14:36
Not much to write things move along.
Alkaline seems to be stable, raising dose .5 again to keep up.

Corals are all showing polyps and they are also starting to show more colors and growing.

Skimmer are growing algae on the inside and I do not want that. I might put a black acrylic sheet to shadow the skimmer, just need to come up with a good plan.

Chaeto is growing like mad tho.

Until next time, have a good one.

View December 20, 2015 00:22
Stuff seems to be moving along nicely, not much to to do, all I can do now is wait.
View December 13, 2015 01:20
Calibrated doser.

1 ok, 2 ok, 3 +1ml, 4 +2ml
View December 3, 2015 19:24
Everything is growing and looking fine, individual dosing of faulty parameters almost done, the Aussie is showing stress symptoms from the low values but should pick up soon. Moved it to a shadow area for now to let it rest.

Fish shows no symptoms at all, in fact my tang has started to show its proper coloring a which means it is maturing. Looking good ??
View November 30, 2015 09:16
Transfered fish back to tank since they where doing fine. Don't think I had what I thought after all. Did not dose any copper in quarantine tank and had no more losses.
View November 21, 2015 23:36
Fish are looking good in quarantine. No further problems there. I'll give it some more time for parasites to die off in the large tank.

Otherwise tank seems to mature quickly and rocks are getting purple.
View October 31, 2015 10:53
Unfortunately I have gotten a huge parasite outbreak in my aquarium after moving fish and LS from my other tank to this one. Looking forward towards quite some weeks with no fish in DT....
View October 19, 2015 22:07