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August 12, 2022

Species Database

Your AquaticLog for Android is now sporting a species database - browse the species and add them to your inhabitants list or wish list. Learn more about each species as well - how big does your fish get, what does it eat and what water conditions it prefers. If there's a fish or coral or plant that is missing - simply drop me a line and I'll get it updated.
August 7, 2022

Species Database on iPhone

New version of AquaticLog 10.1 is a great milestone in it's 11th year - you can now browse full Species database right on your iPhone. Explore coral, fish, plants and other creates and add them to your wish list. If you see a specie that is incorrect or missing - simply email me and I'll add it right away. dmitry@aquaticlog.com
July 26, 2022

Wish List

Whether you want to add a new fish to an established aquarium or setting up a perfect stocking list to a new tank, you can keep track of your wish list from within the app. Each inhabitant now has a "Wish List" option and you can even share this page with your friends. More cool stuff to come.
July 21, 2022

Dissolved Oxygen

You can now log Dissolved Oxygen (ppm or mg/L) on the web or iPhone/Android AquaticLog app. Sorry it took this long!
June 19, 2022

Species Database

Species Database is now available on aquaticlog.com website. AquaticLog will automatically recognize your inhabitant with its database and match it to provide you with care level requirements for your coral, fish, plant, invertebrate or amphibian. This is an extremely large database of species and it always gets updated. If you see that a certain inhabitant's care level or description can be updated - there's now a handy "Report a Correction" feature where you can request a change to data or fill in the blanks, these changes will automatically show up both on the website and within iPhone and Android apps in 24 hours. Very excited about this feature.