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July 28, 2021

AquaticLog iOS 9.9.5

This feature is all about YOU! Your aquarium now takes more space on the home page and looks fantastic. All data is now presented in an efficient way and I strongly suggest you create measurement reminders so that you can just tick them off from the home page. Very proud of this release, more to come.
July 19, 2021

Aquarium of the Week: rdricken's 92 Corner

92 Corner 92 Gallons saltwater aquarium measuring 36'' x 36'' x 18'' has been running for 8 years, 5 months.


Hello, I have been dabbling with reefing for almost 6 years. It is strange how addicting this hobby can be.

I have never been fully satisfied with my coral colors and growth. After about 2 years I moved my sump to the basement and created a refugium with DSB hoping to improve my water parameters. My test results have always read very good, almost undetectable Phosphates, 0 Nitrates but my coral colors are not where they should be.

I started using T5's and last year switched to LED's, of course right after I purchased the Radions they came out with a new model. It took long enough o take the wife into this purchase so I suppose it will take anther year or so to talk her into the upgrade.

I recently decided to attempt a ZEOvit system. I replaced my refugium with a ZEO reactor yesterday and I am hoping to see significant improvement with my coral colors and growth.

So, hopefully I will has something new to report in a few months.

Inspiration & Goals

I have been running ZEOvit for almost 3 months and I am starting to see some improvements. Coral color is starting to come back, previously all corals were very pale and growth was almost non-existent.

Since the tank has been running for so long before starting ZEO i think it might take some time to get the parameters where they need to be. Right now I am working on lowering the Alk, since the coral growth has been slow the alk is not getting used up. my PO4 is also still a little high, .03 was last weeks reading, it has been dropping slowly.

Overall I am encouraged by the changes I am seeing.


55 gallon sump sectioned off, one chamber houses a ZEOVit reactor. Another 20 gallon tank housing a Reef Octopus 160 and a sperate 55 gallon used as a frag tank.


I just started toe ZEOvit system. I have seen great results from others using this method and I am hoping I'll be able to replicate these results.

I'll let you know how it goes as I get into it further...........

Almost 3 months into ZEO now and I am still dosing the basics, ZEObac and ZEOstart. I think patents is the key, I don't want to start adding additional nutrients if my system isn't quit ULNS stable yet. I am hoping another week or two to start experimenting with additional ZEO products.


Using 2 Radion Gen 1, using the 20k setting on from 2 to 7, ramp up and down time starts at 10am and ends at 10pm.


I have about 300 gph flowing to my basement sump. My return pump can handle more however the drain gets rather loud if I increase the flow. I just added a Vortech MP40 for internal circulation.

I am debating if I should add an external overflow box to increase the flow through my sump. I would configure the drain to the sump with a full siphon and then leave my internal drain to handle the additional flow so I could keep the full siphon running correctly. I do have an Apex configured so if for some reason the tanks starts to over flow it will shut down my return pump...thus saving the living room wood floor.


With my basement sump I was able to plumb it so my water changes consist of opening and closing a few values. A 5% water change takes about 2 minutes and I don't need to carry any buckets.

Latest Parameters

  • Alkalinity 9.0 dKH
  • Salinity 1.027 SG
  • Calcium 500 ppm
  • Nitrate 5 ppm
  • Phosphorus 9 ppb
  • Phosphate 0.00 ppm
  • Magnesium 1600 ppm
  • Temperature 79.5 F
  • pH 8.12 pH
  • Potassium 400 ppm

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July 12, 2021

Aquarium of the Week: james32's Jims Caye

Original bought at estate sale make unknown 7/8 inch thick glass 363 Gallons saltwater aquarium measuring 72'' x 19'' x 31'' has been running for 8 years, 7 months.


I Started keeping fish when I was around 10 years old and after setting up around 10 freshwater tanks between 5 - 20 gallons all at once, I felt I was ready for saltwater. The only thing is I only had a part time job at the local fish store in my small town (Port Perry) where I was in Charge of the fish department and counseling people on their fish problems yes even at 12 I was already giving advice and helpful advice.Anyhow I decided to sell my parkhurst Hockey card with players like frank mahovlich Henry Richard and all the old greats, I was able to get together $400 I got ripped off but I was impatient and wanted the fish more than the cards. I got my first saltwater tank like most people at Big als it was a 35 gallon setup with a double t8 florescent fixture and a Bio Life filter also had a skimmer but that cost extra 100 bucks for an air stone skimmer. My first coral was a Gonopora and It Thrived funny because I never added any additive but I made sure to do a 25% water change every month and never missed it by a day even when I had 12 other tanks in my bedroom to look after ,lets just say I was obsesed and still am!... After that there was a break in fish once I turned 14 and had already read every book on marine fish I could get my hand on I got out of the hobby completely and got into the teenage party scene lol..anyhow I got back into marine fish again later in life when I turned 23 and started with a 30 gallon cube Mixed reef which I thought was amazing as the hobby had changed so much since I was 12 years old. I am 33 years old now and since then I have had a 20 gallon nano , a 75 gallon with a 30 gallon sump mixed reef mostly softies, a 90 gallon with 20 gallon sump ,65 gallon with 40 gallon sump, seahorse tank , a 75 gallon with a 20 gallon sump and now I have a 3 gallon pico tope with 2 platinum clowns and the system you see here on this page. All the tanks I mentioned were mixed reef and this one has the most sps I have ever had I would say I am addicted. I have been lucky enough to see many reefs in person all over the world including Australia ,Bali Indonesia, every Country in Central America, Mexico 12 times I lived there for 2 years in Cancun and Playa del Carmen I also travel to Veracruz at least once a year to see family, I lived in Costa Rica , I should mention I lived in Australia for 6 months in Perth and got to see lots of wild life there in the ocean dolphins,crabs,etc I also went there when I was 7 and the time I lived there I was 17, also went to Japan,Jakarta, and to many countries to list my point is in all of these countries I made a point of observing the wild life on land and sea as this has always been my passion so my experience is no only in a glass tank in my living room and I was privileged to be healthy enough to work my butt off so I could afford to travel to all of these destinations. For now I am really enjoying the hobby and plan to upgrade to a much larger system but don't we all lol.. I think I will have to take a break and do some traveling before I get the next system but I am having a good time staying in one place for the time being and for a change I also have a 3 year old son whom which is my world and He is actually the proud owner of the 3 gallon pico tope and many corals in my system so yeah for now I am just going to stay put keep upgrading my current system and enjoy life as a father.
Thank You for reading


I am Currently using the Berlin system along with 2-3 liters of Nitra Guard Biocubes Titanium and I use a Phosban Reactor With Rowaphos. I have a 115 gallon sump with 3 Chambers and the middle chamber is full of Cheato ,Culipera Sp. and Mangroves.So I have that for a refugium but the bio cubes and rowa Phos keep my Nitrates and Phosphates at zero. Although the bio cubes were causing a little Cyano Bacteria I fixed the problem by adding a few more powerheads for flow and kept the lights off 2 days. I also plan to get some Coral snow and I have zeobac to deal with the Cyano as well as some Zeozym if necessary. For Skimming I use a dual beckett E.T.S.S enviromental Tower Scrubber My collection cup is bigger than my whole skimmer used to be it is a beast and does a great job !!! I clean The cup every day to every other day, it is run by a 1500 watt external pump


Currently I am adding Kent Tech I and Kent Tech M for Iodide and iodine and Magnesium. I also add Korallin-Zucht Concentrated Amino Acids 2 -4 times a week and I turn off my skimmer and Phosphate reactor for 2 hours while I do this.I used to add Brightwells Potassion When I was using the Zeovit systen but I am taking a break from the zeo system and seeing how this new plan goes for a while.I also Have a saline Solutions Calcium Reactor full of A.R.M Media and Neo Zeo for Magnesium I use a paintball 20 oz tank setup with a regulator from Aquatec and I have another 20 oz tank as a back up this works great.


For the Main tank which is 180 gallons I use 2 pfos each with 1 400 watt metal Halide and they are both 10,000 kelvin mogul bulbs and I have a sigle ballast that runs 2 400 watt bulbs made by PFO , as for actinics I use 2 80 watt 5 foot t5 bulbs both ati Blue plus. For the 75 gallon I use 2 175 watt Metal halide bulbs and I was using 2 54 watt ATI blue plus t5s on there as well but something broke on the ballast so I only use the metal halides now and they seem to be doing a fine job. For my sump I have a 4 foot power Compact Fixture with 2 Actinics and 2 day lights as well as moon lights all have separte switches.


For My main tank I use a 2600 Coralife Wavemaker and 1 korilia 4 and a powerhead 801 and I also have lock line coming from the main pump which is a reeflo Dart 3600 gph pump and this give my tank a lot of flow as well. In the 75 gallon frag tank I have the flow from the main pump as well and a 1400 gph Korilia along with a Korilia 3 and this is enough flow for that tank so far though I plan to add a second 2600 Coralife wave maker to the system soon. For the sump I have an eco plus 633 gph pump which was my internal return pump from my old 75 gallon system with 20 gallon sump and flo from the reeflo dart as well as flow from my reactor and skimmer etc..

Latest Parameters

  • Phosphate 3 ppm
  • Salinity 1.023 SG
  • Magnesium 1200 ppm
  • Calcium 345 ppm
  • Temperature 80.8 F
  • Nitrate 7.5 ppm
  • pH 8.05 pH
  • Alkalinity 11.2 dKH
  • Ammonia 0.25 ppm
  • Nitrite 0.00 ppm
  • Potassium 380 ppm
  • Silicate 0.20 ppm
  • Iodine 0.00 ppm


It is very important to feed your fish a variety of foods frozen foods are a must and at the very least must be fed once a week, also it is very important to use garlic on nori (seaweed) and soak the flakes in it for 2 hours prior to feeding especially tangs and sturgeons, at least twice a week if you do this you fish should never get any diseases!! ,not to say they won't be eaten by crabs you are un aware of or stressed to death by other fish you think are reef safe and it is common for people to blame the death of their fish on a disease. like for instance fin rot when it is really just being attacked with no where to hide, or they will see the fish being eaten by a pistol shrimp for example and assume right away it way this shrimp that killed the fish when you should be looking to be sure you are giving your fish the proper nutrients, and house them with proper and or reef safe watched and quarantined tank mates as 80 percent of the time the animal eating your dead fish (if you are lucky enough to even see the fish dead as they are consumed very fast in an established reef) was not that animal that did it but it is eating what is left (the food chain) anyway sorry I got a little off topic but you get my drift! I feed my fish frozen minimum once a week but preferably twice a week always soaked in selcon and or garlic guard and I feed a different flake food for each day in between alway high end foods as well... You get what you pay for!

Words of Wisdom

Always dip and quarantine all corals!! Also quarantine fish! and be sure to have a hospital tank and a quarantine tank before even buying a single fish or coral.. Always price match when shopping at big als as they will match any Canadian website price on any of their dry good products.. Try not to shop at big als..Do not try to buy cheap no name products as you will save in the long run ten fold if you buy a good quality product firat.. You can buy it now or later I promise you will buy it eventually.. Most important go slow and when in doubt do a water change!!

Disasters & Regrets

Sun Corals way to much work and in my opinion impossible to keep in a reef system long term unless you feed every day with mysis or some sort of meaty food even then they still die in the end ... some people say to feed them once a week with heavy flow but in the end none of these methods really work , leave them in the ocean and get some dendros they are much more hardy!! and not having a quarantine tank or dipping every coral before putting them in the main system... Now I know from experience that you need to dip all corals and have a quarantine tank to keep them in for at least 2 weeks while closely watching them ... You can try and skip this but you will end up writing these same words in the end trust me!!


Bob Fenner , Big als as they were the only store around 22 years ago when I got into saltwater and they helped me setup my first system ( I wouldn't take their advice ever again though but I thank them for being there when no other store was at least that I knew of at the time)so reluctantly I will thank them. And strangely enough I thank myself for never giving up even though I had many trial and tribulations and losses of money and lifes.... I am sure there is more but I haven't thought of them yet!

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June 24, 2021

2 Million Measurements - Nero 5 Winner

On May 25th, 2021 AquaticLog has reached an important milestone - 2 million measurements logged via the app and website.

Last year AquaticLog had ran a contest (https://www.aquaticlog.com/blog/107): whoever would be closest in guessing the exact date when 2 million measurements would be reached will get an amazing and useful prize - Aqua Illumination Nero 5 powerhead.

AquaticLog user ochoquatro (https://www.aquaticlog.com/users/ochoquatro), Marco from Boston is the lucky winner who had provided the date of May 21, 2021 a year ago!

Big congratulations to Marco, and here's to 3 million measurements!

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June 21, 2021

Aquarium of the Week: djkms's 225 SPS Dominant

Deep Sea Aquatics 225 Show 225 Gallons saltwater aquarium measuring 72'' x 27'' x 27'' has been running for 1 year, 6 months.


Hi my name is Kris and I am an addict. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, at least, so I am told.

I must say, I love the hobby. I am the type of personality that I always have to be in the middle of a project. I never really finish anything and this is why saltwater is a perfect fit for me. My tank is and always will be, a work in progress.

I also love a challenge. This is probably why I have a SPS dominant system. Not only do I love colorful sticks but I also love the challenge in keeping them. With SPS you cant even look at them funny without something going wrong. Heck things go wrong for no apparent reason at all! I must say though, when things are going right it is a very gratifying feeling. However, when things are going bad I sure do want to throw in the towel sometimes, especially when I don't know what is wrong. Needless to say I stick with it and things typically work themselves out. I just wish I haven't flushed so many Benjamin's down the toilet! Sheesh this hobby is expensive!!!


I have been using for over 20 years and I can't put down the bucket. It all started when i walked into my local store and bought freshwater fish. I had that system setup for a couple months and decided I needed something stronger, better. I setup my first Saltwater tank (55 gallon) at the age of 14 (I am now 35).

At age 16 I worked for a couple years at a high end saltwater fish store in the Denver metro area called Rocky Mountain Reef.

For the last 3 years I have been (and still currently) work for Premier Fish and Reef doing saltwater aquarium design, installation and maintenance. I have a couple of systems I maintain on a weekly basis and I also help design and install systems for new clients.

Inspiration & Goals

I hope to have my system stocked to the brim with corals, mainly SPS. I see many systems on Reef Central with beautiful, massive colonies. Another goal of mine was to have a large system teaming with various fish including schools, pairs and show fish. This is a goal I have actually obtained already!


My filtration consists of a large sump with a oversized skimmer, large refugium, GFO, Carbon, Vinegar dosing and sponges. The whole system is controlled by my Neptune Apex. Pretty much everything is automated except for the water changes (which used to be automated on my previous 125 gallon).


I have heard a lot of great things about Acropower by Two Little Fishies. I recently picked up a bottle and threw it on my auto doser. I hope to see increased PE and more vivid colors soon!

I also dose Vinegar to help keep my NO3 down. I like to stay below 1ppm and I couldn't do this with over 40 fish and a refugium alone.

Auto dosing of buffer and calcium is done through a litermeter 3, which doses every 5 minutes for a total of 170ml per day roughly. Magnesium is dosed through my Marine Magic at roughly 25ml per day.


My previous system was lit by AI SOL Blues only. When I upgraded from my 125 to this 225 I wanted to go back to the good ol tried and true T5 Halide Combo. I currently run eight 36" T5's for 10 hours a day and three 250watt Radium Metal Halides 7 hours a day. This is all controlled through my Neptune Apex.


My reef structure is very open, especially near the top of the system. This allows my 2 MP40's to sufficiently provide flow throughout the tank. They are run on Reef Crest Mode at 100%. Every hour for a hour the slave pump changes from sync to anti sync to help randomize the flow.


A proper maintenance schedule is probably the most important aspect of having a successful aquarium from my experience. Like anything we do in life, we get out of it what we put in it.

Every weekend (either on Saturday or Sunday) I clean my skimmer, sponges, blow off the rocks, clean MP40's, scrape all sides of my glass and refill my 2 part containers.

Due to my high fish load I also change 30 gallons of water weekly to help keep DOC down.


Alkalinity between 7-8. Anything higher I started to get burnt tips on my SPS.

Calcium between 420-440

magnesium 1300-1400. I tend to keep it on the higher side when algae starts to become a problem. Higher levels seem to help slow its growth.

Phosphate I try to keep around .02-.04, anything higher and I fight algae and lose color in my SPS.

Nitrate I also try to keep under 1 to help combat nuisance algae and cyano.

Salinity I keep at 1.025 to leave room for evaporation.

Potassium is maintained around 399 to match NSW levels. I do start to notice paling in my corals when it gets lower.

Latest Parameters

  • Alkalinity 7.7 dKH
  • Nitrate 0.20 ppm
  • Calcium 425 ppm
  • Magnesium 1350 ppm
  • Temperature 82.4 F
  • pH 7.94 pH
  • Phosphate 0.02 ppm
  • TDS 0.00 ppm
  • Salinity 1.025 SG
  • Iodine 0.03 ppm
  • Potassium 375 ppm


Livestock mostly consists of SPS. I have slowly but surely been removing LPS and gorgonians as I acquire more SPS. I had a full blown mixed reef in my prior 125 and I really like the look of SPS dominated systems (my wife would disagree though, she loves long flowing corals).

I also have quite a bit of fish. I really like an active looking tank. I wanted to have a couple show fish, a couple schools of fish and of course my fish "CUC" which consist of a couple halichoeres wrasse's.

My all time favorite fish is the Moorish Idol. I had one in my previous 125 which I took out after about a year since it started to treat my reef like a buffet. When I setup this 225 I decided to try another Idol. Same thing, after about a year it decided to buffet on my reef.


The livestock is fed 3 times a day a pinch of NLS pellets through a auto feeder. I also feed a half sheet of Nori for the herbivores. When I get off of work I feed 2 cubes of PE Mysis and before I go to bed a feed 2 more cubes of mysis, this time though its Hikari. I also feed Frozen Cyclopeeze on occasion.

Words of Wisdom

Be patient and don't overreact. I know this is beaten like a dead horse but there is a lot of truth to it. I think a lot of people dont wait long enough for changes to take effect and I also think a lot of times people overreact to a problem. More often than not it is just nature reacting to its environment and all you have to do is give your system time to adjust.

Disasters & Regrets

First regret, Frankenstein. Frankenstein is my green wrasse. I picked up Franky when he was a wee lass. My co-worker said "he won't stay cute for long!" Boy was he right, the wrasse is a ugly green and fat. Of course it is the one fish who will not go into my trap! Next tank move the wrasse is gone!

Second regret, trying too hard to combat cyano. I have just come to the fact that cyano is natural and is a part of just about any system, especially those with medium to high bioloads (like my system). I did a couple of 3 days lights out periods and it would kill the cyano for a couple months then just show back up again. The worst part though was the damage it did to some of my corals. I lost a couple of really nice SPS colonies and Chalices after a lights out. I wouldn't lose them right away but after about a week they just kept having worse and worse tissue loss. Not only that but trying to adjust for alkalinity after the lights out was really challenging. Now I just blow off my rocks once a week and siphon out what I can.


I would like to thank Reef Central for providing a vast amount of knowledge. I want to thank our local forums, MASC. It is a great community with knowledgeable people, great vendors and good friends. I want to thank Martin Moe for giving me my first glimpse of knowledge into keeping marine organisms - The Marine Aquarium Reference: Systems and Invertebrates (great book!). I want to thank Premier fish and Reef for giving me the opportunity to work in the industry I love! Also want to thank Dmitry for providing us addicts such a great way to Journal our systems!

Most importantly I want to thank my wife for putting up with my addiction!

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