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December 29, 2022

Treasure Corals Hydra Full Visor

Introducing custom designed wrap around visor for your AquaIllumination Hydra 52 or 64HD fixture. Available on https://treasurecorals.com
December 17, 2022

Reef Casa Saltwater Aquariums

The reef casa saltwater aquarium comes with everything you need to start your very own saltwater aquarium. You can have your very own piece of the ocean at home.

The only option

Reef Casa is presently the world's only true saltwater aquarium kit. Some other brands offer beautiful aquariums and lights bundled together but they are not true saltwater kits. The reef casa saltwater kit is the world's first true kit giving you everything you need to start. Not only does the aquarium kit include the tank with different lighting options but it comes with essentials like sand, rock, salt, salt measuring devices, heaters, thermometers, live bacteria, ammonia chloride, filter floss, carbon, biological media and more!

With other kits they stop at the tank and light, you have to source the rest on your own.


This all in one saltwater aquarium kit has been designed for super easy set up. All required components come with each box and the systems are plug and play. You don't have to search or aquire anything else to get it going. On top of that all of the components come premeausured for you ! You don't have to calculate or measure anything as Reef Casa has done the hard part for you. You just put the piece of this puzzle together and the result is a beautiful saltwater aquarium. Perfect for new hobbyists and those wanting to start their first saltwater reef tank.


The filter on every Reef Casa saltwater aquariums comes built right into the aquarium. This kit is often referred to as all in one or AIO for short. This clean design means that no water ever leaves the aquarium making them virtually leak free. There is also no need for complicated plumbing associated with traditional saltwater aquariums.


Traditional saltwater aquariuma can cost thousands to set up! This is traditionally a large barrier to entering the saltwater aquarium hobby. Their saltwater aquarium kits however are a fraction of the cost when compared to other saltwater aquariums.


Reef Casa offers an industry leading 3 year warranty on all their saltwater aquarium kits. They also offer lifetime support for any aquarium related questions.

Order your complete Saltwater Aquarium Kit here!
November 15, 2022

Retiring Individual Fish

AquaticLog has improved the way inhabitants are being handled. You can now retire individual species from all three platforms - aquaticlog.com, iPhone and Android apps. More cool features to come! Download the new iPhone or Android app to get access to this feature.
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November 7, 2022

AquaticLog Is 10 Years Old Today 🎉

Exactly 10 years ago AquaticLog was started by a solo developer (me) as a website to find something better than a spreadsheet. A few days later the first version of the website was published and immediately got traction. Now, 2.6 million measurements later AquaticLog has served over 55,000 aquariums all over the world offering free seamless integration between native iPhone and Android apps. Every year a slew of new features and improvements gets added to AquaticLog, I always read each and every feedback email and do my best to incorporate your feedback with every release. To date there's been more than 1,200 releases AquaticLog across all 3 platforms. In 2022 I am especially proud of both Products and Species catalogue integration into the website as well as both apps. I sincerely hope that AquaticLog has helped you as much as myself in keeping fish, coral and plants. I use it every single day to stay on track with both my maintenance and measurements and would not be able to keep my aquariums at their current level without it. Looking back I can't believe it's been already 10 years. I appreciate all of AquaticLog users, all the reviews, the feedback and emails. Here's to another 10! Dmitry
August 12, 2022

Species Database

Your AquaticLog for Android is now sporting a species database - browse the species and add them to your inhabitants list or wish list. Learn more about each species as well - how big does your fish get, what does it eat and what water conditions it prefers. If there's a fish or coral or plant that is missing - simply drop me a line and I'll get it updated.