September 21, 2020

AquaticLog 9.7.1 for iOS is out

This is a big release and it is now available at the App Store.

AquaticLog 9.7.1 brings you significant improvements all around. The measurements screen will no longer time out, so you can have it up and leave it on your desk while you are doing all the measurements.

You can also have multiple timers running at once. Pause, reset and set all on the same screen.

You can see the app in action here:

Multiple bug fixes, optimizations, UI improvements and much more.

Making your aquarium keeping better, one day at a time. If you enjoy my work please leave a review at the App Store.

tanker-v ‐ The new timers are a real help when testing. I would also like to see a way to transfer livestock other then only to another tank. For example. I had a fish for 3 months between my main tank and quarantine tank. But it was beating up on other tank mates so I sold it back to the pet shop. Currently I can only thereafter it to another one of my tanks or delete it. It would be nice to be able to show that I sold it or gave it away while still having a record of its existence.
marionvc@tanker-v Yes I would very much like that too ! As breeder we have a lot of transfers and you can now obly have initial add date to tank, then I have to delete and restart but I loose track of the animals history ... wether it is tank transfers, deaths, sales, moving for breeding, moving fry,... Thanks !
dtum@tanker-v good point. Actually there is a way to remove it non-permanently - populate the "Retired On" field. On the website you can actually filter and I plan to add the same to the app.
dtum@marionvc good idea Marion, by the way - moving between tanks is already supported
sudhirbits ‐ Thanks for releasing this version.
bmacd ‐ Thanks! Loving this app! Really helping me cycle my first tank. Not sure if this can be done in the future but would love the ability to overlay selected graphs over each other. Again, I’m a total newbie but thought this might help show the relationship of the parameters to each other on one graph for future cycles. Thanks again!
kurai61 ‐ Thank you for all your hard work!
pokerwinski@tanker-v where are these timers?
dtum@pokerwinski Here are the instructions:
dstaff ‐ I am just getting back into the hobby after a long hiatus. Only found your app yesterday, but excited to see it in action once my tank is setup and running.