November 29, 2020

AquaticLog iOS 9.7.4

New version of the iPhone app is now out. It brings another level of usability to the platform - faster, more functional and easier to navigate. Plus a couple of bugs squashed.

Check it out at the App Store. And if you are using anything lower than 9.7.4 - you are missing out. Don't use older releases.

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snoopy1964 ‐ I think it’s great
dmaister ‐ Since the update, I’ve notice my login is not saving and I have to relogin every day. Is that just something wrong with my app? Also, am I missing where there change password function is?
dtum@dmaister hi, I've seen this happen before - please delete the app and re-download it from the App Store, this will fix the issue. You will not lose any of your data by doing this.
sp_reef ‐ For the “reminders” list which shows reoccurring tasks due...Is there some way to click/check off each completed task using the “checkbox”?
dtum@sp_reef can you email with a screenshot, this functionality is there and should work
ginnmich@dmaister my login does this as well now, very annoying
dtum@ginnmich sorry about it, please delete the app and re-install it and it will fix the issue, you will not lose any information when you do this.
dmaister@dtum thanks for the reply, Dmitry! I tried, but unfortunately looks like I can’t download the latest version on my older iPad, and am running iOS 12.4.9 so may just need to live with the issue. It’s a dedicated older iPad for fish utilities.
dtum@dmaister yes, I had to adopt iOS 13 as the minimum going forward to make sure the app is ready to support all the latest and greatest features Apple will throw at us, sorry about it - I got to keep moving forward on this