April 17, 2021

AquaticLog iOS 9.9.0

I know, I know, I said that last week and yet that particular issue remained. I worked diligently on tracking it down and let's just say it is not an obvious issue and required a much better understanding of how Apple's Keychain mechanism works and how your privacy is handled on the mobile application in various mobile states (locked phones, background, etc). I think I got it now, at the very least the app should no longer prompt you for your login/password, there may still be a case where the app won't populate the Home Screen with your data unless you pull down to refresh, but it is a lot more useful now. Thank you for your patience and it is time to focus on a few further improvements. Happy Aquarium Keeping! Dmitry
mchans_99 ‐ Thank you for all that you do for the reefing community. Much appreciated.
mitchero122 ‐ Thank you very much I love this app and it makes the hobby so much more enjoyable.
sudhirbits@Dmitry I am building my own parameter monitor and would want API access to upload time series data to AquaticLog. Let me know how I can request for API access for the same.