July 19, 2017

AquaticLog Says Hello

Stay informed of all new features and improvements at AquaticLog. In addition to Facebook and Twitter accounts, AquaticLog is introducing a blog service that is seamlessly integrated into the website. Here you can stay up to date with everything that is going on at AquaticLog. Keep track of any announcements, new functionality, contests and events that are going on in our community. You can also leave feedback should you wish to do so. Stay tuned and keep on reefing. [IMG]http://www.aquaticlog.com/showcase/image.jpeg?imageId=188340&width=778&ratio=1.49[/IMG]
sealion ‐ That's excellent news, looking forward to more updates. Keep up the great service.
cubanreefer ‐ Great idea! Finally! Will be great to get all he updates here! Really looking forward to this! Thanks! CR
pjvalencia ‐ well done guys.