August 4, 2017

Account Types

Historically AquaticLog has offered two types of accounts: a free basic account that gave users limited functionality on the site and a Pro account to unlock all of the features. iPhone and Android applications were always free. While this had addressed the needs of the majority of the users, we have had a number of requests on both sides of the spectrum to either offer less functionality for a lesser dollar amount or allow users to access more advanced features and further hep the site financially. [IMG][/IMG] We appreciate and cherish all of our users. And that is why we are introducing the following tier structure: Free - this accounts allows users to log measurements via website or mobile app with some restrictions. Basic - no restrictions when logging measurements and you get a few more options. Pro - no restrictions, get up to five aquariums, upload many photos, Apex/ReefKeeper/Reef Angel integration, energy consumption integration, repeat activities, automatic water changes and automatic dosing. This list is always growing as we add more features. Super - everything Pro has to offer and more (photo hosting, unlimited aquariums). Get this one if you work in the industry or you wish to go above and beyond in supporting this service. Now the best news is that anyone who was a current Pro user in the past year is automatically grandfathered into a Super account. This is AquaticLog way of saying thank you. Thank you for using the service. You can find out more about each account here.