August 18, 2017

iOS App #3.5.6

As many of you had noticed, the AquaticLog iPhone app has received a lot of updates. It is now sporting a fresher look and a lot of changes under the hood that will result in a better user experience. One of the features that was added is "Discover" page where you can keep an eye on the most interesting images that users upload to the website. More on that in another post. [IMG][/IMG] We are just getting started with this round of changes, so there's a lot more to come. Keep an eye out for new features and let us know of any bugs that might sneak in. Finally, if you have any feature that you'd like to see in the app - write in the comments below.
trickystank ‐ Could C02 be added to the measurement section please?
panoum ‐ Please add a Note/Comment field under Water Changes in the IOS app
panoum ‐ Please add the option to backup all data in all pages and/or add a search field