October 23, 2017

Live Photo

Here's a nifty new feature for you to use. You already were able to reference your real-time aquarium stats via AquaticLog Forum Signature feature. Now you can share an up-to-date photo of your aquarium on the web. Head over to your aquarium photo page and click on the new "Live Photo" button. [IMG]http://www.aquaticlog.com/showcase/image.jpeg?imageId=202038[/IMG] This will take you to a webpage which is always the latest key photo of your aquarium (you can always choose which one to use, but by default it will be the last one you've uploaded). Copy that web URL and paste it to the program of choice. Here's this feature being used within Apex Fusion. [IMG]http://www.aquaticlog.com/showcase/image.jpeg?imageId=202041[/IMG] This is especially useful if you have multiple aquariums and don't have a live camera. Set this up on Apex Fusion and never confuse which aquarium is which. Every time you will upload a new photo on AquaticLog this image will automatically update.