September 2, 2018

AquaticLog iOS 7.3 is Out

Phew, that's a big one. If you are reading this in your iPhone app, that means you are using the latest version - 7.3 of AquaticLog. A lot has changed since the last one. You can now view monthly points - simply click on your points icon in the top right corner of the home screen. Searching aquariums and users works great, you can follow individual aquariums and see their real-time parameters. Settings - well, at this time there's a slight bug that will actually crash the app if you click on it, please wait until 7.3.1 will be released (a day or two) and you will be able to see the new Settings screen and manage your avatar photo in there. There's a completely redesigned home screen now - it looks cleaner and you will see only one photo that might be of interest to you instead of many. If you pull down to refresh you will receive a different photo. Finally, there's now "Feedback" button on the home screen. Use it if you want to communicate something directly to AquaticLog. Think of this as a Direct Message to Developer. Happy reefing and thank you for using AquaticLog.
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whopper451 ‐ It just keeps getting better and better, thank you for all of your hard work!