September 12, 2018

1 Million Measurements

As of right now there have been 995,796 measurements taken with AquaticLog. You can see the realtime number on the bottom of every AquaticLog web page. How long do you think it will be until we hit 1 million? Take a guess (you have 24 hours) via leaving a web comment to this blog post. And if you are correct, you will receive a 12 month Pro membership credit applied to your account. Let's go!
ventino ‐ My aswer is one week from today! Let's go!
tobbster19 ‐ 87 days from the 2nd of August so or 49 days from today, based at the current average rate of 49 measurements a day, it should happen on 6th of October, although obviously this is based on the current average which will most likely change as more people see this and take more measurements.
tobbster19 ‐ Sorry, I think I saw an earlier post, just read from "49 days from today"
tobbster19 ‐ Also, has anyone else realised that someone could just say, it will happen in 2 days time then just use a premium trial with unlimited measurements and just make up the difference, even if it is a lot?
bsauerheber ‐ November20
benzophun ‐ It?ll happen on October 10th 2018
dtum ‐ Today is the day.
dtum@ventino very close, today is the day.