April 24, 2019

Aquarium Privacy

As you know, your AquaticLog aquarium data is all stored in the cloud. That means that if you upgrade your phone, switch from iPhone to Android or start using the web version of AquaticLog, you will have access to your data and your aquarium measurements. Having data in the cloud is useful for sharing as well - you can simply send a link of your aquarium measurements to your friends when troubleshooting an aquarium issue and have another set of eyes review and find any parameter tendencies that may help finding the cause. But sometimes you want your data to be accessible only by you. Many of you have asked for it and now you have this option. Available on the web, on iPhone and Android. You can mark individual aquariums as private and you will automatically be excluded from any searches or any web browsing. Thank you for your continuing support. If you have more feedback - don't hesitate to write in.