July 30, 2019

Some changes are coming

Hey everyone, As the solo developer of AquaticLog, I've been thinking a lot about it and where it is going. Summer is usually the time when I take a step back and look at all the features for iPhone, Android and web and decide what I will focus my time and effort on. This time around I want to concentrate on the basics, a lot of extra features that I've added over the years are not used to the extent I envisioned them to, so I plan to pause on those and concentrate on the core functionality. If there's a feature that is important to you or you wish you'd have - feel free to write to me and I'll make sure your voice is heard. Have a great summer and happy reefing!
jcknoll ‐ Small things - alphabetized drop down lists; ability to add product photos, ability to search entries
ameerun ‐ Hi, for years I'm waiting for realistic timelines in the graphs .... any idea when you implement that?
asjacket ‐ Maybe a area for reefers to sell products they created like custom controllers, 3D printed parts or even fish food recipes.
goldslinger ‐ Works great for me as is
dmatt56 ‐ Have the reminder date reset on the app for completing reminders early/late like on website.
dtum@ameerun great suggestion, I've made it work for the web already. iPhone version is now in beta and going to fix it for Android next.
dtum@goldslinger very nice of you. :)
dtum@jcknoll great points, are you referring to any particular drop downs?
Product section will be overhauled - I'm working on a new version.
Good idea on searching as well, adding it to my list.
dtum@asjacket Thank you, I've already had the Market feature built earlier this year but it did not get the traction I was hoping for, so I've disabled it at this time.
dtum@dmatt56 Thank you Matt, going to work on that today.
jjhall ‐ Can you add the ability to share editing with others? I'd like to have my kids be able to log into their own account and log feedings, parameters, get reminders, etc., but still have that aquarium in my "master" list.
dtum@jjhall That's an excellent request and I'm in the same boat on this. Will add this to my todo and get back to you once I've figured out a strategy.