November 14, 2019

AquaticLog is now free

I've thought about this for quite sometime now and have decided that starting today I will try something different.

AquaticLog will now be free to every user. All basic functionality, all pro functionality, all free.

AquaticLog has been a passion of mine for 7 years, ever since the beginning, there was a paid option that many of you had picked that helped support this site and both mobile applications for iPhone and Android.

A lot has changed since then, what started as a website became a cloud solution with native mobile apps. All of this coding is done by only one person, over the course of the service' lifespan there has been 758 software updates to the website alone. iPhone app is now at version 9.1 and Android is getting close to that as well.

I will continue to develop and support the site, but now there will be no in-app purchases and no paid membership. You can enjoy all of the app features. I still continue paying for hosting, so I'll have to figure out the right balance for the hosting images, which is not the primary role of the app anyways.

I am still very passionate about aquariums (3 healthy active aquariums), have an active YouTube channel (, enjoy other hobbies, such as photography ( and consider programming to be one of my favourite pastimes.

If you wish to say thank you for my previous or future work, you can use the link below to do.

Everyone's account is now set to expire by the end of 2020. If this new model will work for me, next year I will simply reset the date again. To everyone who has paid recently, please accept my sincere gratitude.

Enjoy the app.

Dmitry Tumanov

jarvis ‐ ACongratulations for your work ...
ventino ‐ Dmitry thank you very much for your time and your passion! Your work has become our hobby much easier!
Sincerely, thanks!
statru ‐ Dmitry, thank you so much, not just for making the latest change, but for even developing the website/app. Your knowledge and diligence has assisted in making each of our hobbies more streamlined and enjoyable. Making the tracking of parameters and utilizing the log and diary we can see patterns that have helped or hurt our progress. You’ve taken feedback and put it to use implementing many improvements. Congratulations on hitting this new milestone. Here’s to looking forward to future improvements and changes. Keep your nose to the grindstone. You’ve got something here. Thank you so very much.
cobra2326 ‐ Hi Dimitry,

Have you thought about open sourcing the project? People could contribute new features and really make this a great platform.
dtum@cobra2326 Good point, I've considered it, at this moment I am hesitant to do so since there's no dedicated Quality Assurance resource on this, which means that while there may be more features coming, there may be a lot more bugs.
yarick7 ‐ Thank you! But the problem for me is that for some reason my smart is not supported (message on Googleplay). Sharp Aquas 2. This model is not so old and "weak". What problem it could be?
dtum@yarick7 What Android OS are you running?
yarick7@dtum Android 7.1.1.
dtum@yarick7 that's the culprit. Google does not recommend submitting apps with lower that 8 support. Hope you can upgrade the OS on your phone.
shredder ‐ Dmitry, as a fellow developer I know exactly where you are coming from.

Thanks for your time and effort, much appreciated.
locy31 ‐ Wow thank you so much, I am a new reefer and this app is amazing! Thank you so much for the hard work you put into this!
sudhirbits ‐ thanks so much. This is the best app.
sudhirbits ‐ thanks so much. This is the best app.
skazila ‐ 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
noinoi24 ‐ I appreciate your work. But how can I add values to the app? It doesn’t seem to make me save it.