January 6, 2020

Server Upgrade

Happy New Year!

Ever since I've made the service free there's been a lot more growth in the number of people using AquaticLog. That is great news and it also means that we are already running out of space and it is time to upgrade the hardware.

On January 6, 2020, AquaticLog will undergo a server upgrade and will be unavailable for about 30 minutes. The end result will be an even faster server with more resources at your disposal.


barondb ‐ Thanks for the good work, and the good product! Very much appreciated!
andregotz ‐ thank you so much. This app keeps my tank alive
statru ‐ thanx for all the effort you pour into this project for all of us!
askadam ‐ Absolutely brilliant app. Thank you
daza26 ‐ Thanks for all you do, this app has made my reefkeeping so much easier.
letsgetsalty ‐ Thank you so much for this app!! It’s so helpful
grzegorz ‐ Thanks for all