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April 10, 2021

AquaticLog iOS 9.8.9

Login issues should not be fully fixed. Please let me know if you still get any. Sorry about it, lots of work went into this one.
March 20, 2021

AquaticLog iOS 9.8.7

New version of AquaticLog for iOS is now out, at this point all of the reminders can be interacted with on the Home Screen when you launch the app. Less clicks means a better user experience and faster input. I've fixed the login bug that sometimes caused a user to re-enter credentials. Since this is a new mechanism and you still experience an issue - please let me know, especially if you know how to reproduce it. I want to make sure this thing is rock solid. Oh, and Home Screen is now dedicating more space to your aquariums, there will be lots of further improvements over the next weeks. Have a great weekend! Dmitry
March 11, 2021

AquaticLog Android 8.1.0

Version 8.1 for Android is now out and fixes a number of bugs, including the issue where a newly added parameter for a past date was shown in the wrong place in the chart. Already working on the next version.
March 9, 2021

AquaticLog iOS 9.8.6

Ok, this is the final update to the app when it comes to authentication. The authentication rewrite is now done, the app would have asked you to re-login but now the new credentials should stick. If the app still asks you for login - please let me know in the comments below as the new mechanism now uses Apple Keychain. I've also rewritten the way your favourite parameters for each aquarium are stored as these used to get lost once in a while. From now on it should be properly stored on your phone. Now that this hurdle of a modification is out of the way, it is time to add a few more fun improvements to the app so please stay tuned. And sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please rest assured that at any point in this process your measurements were never at risk - your phone is just a conduit to the data that is stored on the AquaticLog.com website and you can always access it there. Oh, and we are now at 1.9 million measurements! OMG
March 6, 2021

AquaticLog iOS 9.8.5

AquaticLog iOS 9.8.5. is now out. This release is a big one and fixes the issue that has been plaguing the app for the longest time - in some circumstances you had to login every time you opened the app, which is a bad user experience. This issue has been identified and fixed - all of the authentication had to be rewritten from scratch. The new app is now available in the App Store, please let me know of you run into any issues. I've already found a small bug where you'd get a login window if you launch the app and there's no network connection. Working on a fix for it in 9.8.6 available shortly. More to come. Thank you for your support!