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Acrylic Tank Manufacturing Colony

Bacteria by Acrylic Tank Manufacturing

4 ratings

Used in 27 aquariums

By teparker on December 4, 2018
I've tried multiple brands of nitrifying bacteria to no avail. I researched the methods behind ATM nitrifying bacterial cultures and the science was sound. Upon use, my tank finally began cycling.
By kempo2 on July 22, 2017
By nano on February 28, 2017
Heard very good reviews on this product and the science behind it makes sense. But I got a bad batch. the contents where just clear water no clouding. Monitoring ammonium levels electronically and dosing Ammonium Chloride. but no effect. Had nother customer at same store complain about the same batch.
By djdean on January 14, 2017
Great results for starting a tank

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