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Coralife Dual T5

Lighting by Coralife

2 ratings

Used in 12 aquariums

By youngatheart on February 2, 2018
Used this light on my retired 55 gal tank. Liked the sliding that the legs afforded me, perhaps it will find new life if and when I set up my 55 again.
By statru on January 23, 2017
Love the light & effects it has on my corals, the low profile & sturdy legs to set on the rim of the tank, but easy enough to slide from front to back when I am do any maintenance. Cons: I wish the cord was longer and 2) I wish I would have waited to get it until the programmable timer became available. I use this setup with my LED's which have a timer and are programmable. But the T5's are only on 8-9 hours/day, so I guess it could be worse. :) I just have to get up off my lazy bum and flick the light off once a day. No biggie. I can live with it. Overall, very satisfied with my purchase and the price was a good deal.

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