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Pacific Sun Kore Doser

Dosing by Pacific Sun

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By afgi on November 16, 2019
By at0g on February 1, 2017
Positives - capable of precise dosing (0.01ml) on at least one dosing head - 5 dosing heads - comes with accessories (ATO, temp probe, measuring cylinder, lots of quality tubing) - integrates with magnetic stirrer accessory from PacSun Negatives - expensive - noisy - blue tooth connection + a lot of software issues - no extensibility (need a 6th channel? to bad!) - lack of integration with aquarium controllers (see below) - design issues (see below) Lack of integration with aquarium controllers: if the temp probe detects the temperature is too high, it can sound an alarm and turn on an optional fan accessory from PacSun, but it can't turn off the heater. This kind of quasi-controller functionality is not very useful but adds to the RRP. Along the same lines, the ATO is fairly decent, but to turn it off for some reason via an aquarium controller, it means I must turn off the doser too. Design issues: Front to back, the unit is 120mm and fairly slim. However once the cables are plugged in to the rear of the unit, they add another 80mm, almost doubling the space requirement. The worst culprit in this regard is the DIN cable for the mag stirrer - this cable is short and will prevent you from mounting the mag stirrer anywhere but UNDER the doser, however it sticks out the back of both the dosing unit and the stirrer, making the whole unit very bulky. The stirrer/bottle holder have room for 500ml bottles, which can be limiting. It is also very awkward to replace/change/refill the bottles. Final verdict: I own it along with the bottle holder and magnetic stirrer, but would not recommend it. My current plan is to continue to use the base dosing unit as a doser only and to run independent ATO along with a DIY mag stirrer under 1.5L reservoirs controlled by timers or apex. In time, I will probably replace it with a DOS, or possibly a dirt cheap unit such as jabao.

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