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Red Sea Reef Foundation (Ca, Alk, Mg) Multi Pro Test Kit

TestKit by Red Sea

11 ratings

Used in 180 aquariums

By reefrouteaquatics on December 6, 2018
By dixie on January 31, 2018
great :)
By sojourn on December 19, 2017
i have used this for years
By pjvalencia on July 30, 2017
i like this test kit. The only problem is that its too much steps to follow. Unlike hanna test kits. its too easy. and some colors are a bit confusing specially the red colour.
By mepluribus on June 28, 2017
By cweller on May 29, 2017
By sekunda2003 on May 10, 2017
Watch the Red Sea videos on these tests if you have trouble with the color changes
By ictus on May 10, 2017
By adammahne on February 21, 2017
By heniutek on February 3, 2017
By carlonaz on February 2, 2017

149 Aquariums