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Reef Octopus Skimmer

Skimmer by Reef Octopus

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By sojourn on December 19, 2017
got the classic 110s. it fit snugly in my small sump but is working great right out of the box.
By youngatheart on September 29, 2017
I put the Reef Octopus Reef Octopus 202S Protein Skimmer in my new sump. This is my first experience with a Protein Skimmer and a Sump in general. The Skimmer seems to be doing a great job - my tank is cycling, so no real bio load, but I am confident it will do the job as advertised. I am also got to procure on of their HOB skimmers, because of the positive review I have seen and I like what I have so far. I look forward to a positive experience - it has been so so far.
By cweller on May 9, 2017
I purchased the Reef Octopus Classic 90 HOB Skimmer for my 38-gallon reef tank. It had a fast break in period and the skimmer started pulling a lot of dark skim mate almost immediately. Now just need to pick up a second one for my other tank.
By statru on January 23, 2017
I got the Octopus Classic 150SSS on a recommendation from a fellow reefer when he learned I wanted to replace my Turbofloator 1000 (can you say Dinosaur?!) that I had no space for in my new sump. The space saving features of the Octo really grabbed my attention and I ordered it as soon as I got home that day. 2 days later, BRS had the skimmer sitting on my doorstep with their FREE delivery. It's initial cost was a bit higher than others I've seen, but that workhorse it's turned out to be is very worth the few extra $'s. I've never seen gunk pulled out by a skimmer at the rate this apparatus does. They now have a fan for life! <*}}}><

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