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February 2020
Mid cycle visit to top off
Changed several plants
Tank looks great
Filled tanks, added aeration and LED timers
Filled tanks, added aeration and LED timers
Added Zoanthid
Tank looks great. Changed three plants
  • Evolution of pop eye
  • Xanturum with pop eye
ytateno ‐ Wow, my favorite photo! The ring filter media beautifully stacked on the red base is incredible :)
ventino ‐ Thank you! Yes, it's a question of time + patienence, but the result is good, ;)
ytateno ‐ The patience seems to create the ideal water flow ;)
ventino ‐ Yeahhhh, it's like this!
added 75 drops RX, no nori given, calcium now 470 start dosing calcium 3ml to start off
added 40 drops RX, no nori given