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By reefrouteaquatics on November 27, 2018
I enjoy the colors and control. I was running a SB reef light upgraded China box, and I must say there is a difference in performance. I did experience a glitch with one of the lights I purchased. I believe it was a WiFi signal issue, that just went away after a day or so.
By statru on October 26, 2018
By cokeraw on November 10, 2017
By m00shu on June 30, 2017
By youngatheart on June 4, 2017
Got these Lights 2 Weeks ago for my 55 Gallon Saltwater Mixed Reef Tank. Pairing them up as Parent and Child was not hard (a strong WiFi signal helps obviously). The Flexibility in terms of the Light Spectrum as well as the Time Settings make this light one of the best lights out there for the money. The iOS App and the Instructions included on the Card in the box NEED TO BE IMPROVED! The simplest Setup instructions are on-line and would be used when setting up via your computer - Go this route! The iOS App is best used for monitoring when you are away from home or your Laptop. I Used the Black Goose Neck Mounts on the back of my Tank (It has a RIM). Definitely Recommend.
By adammahne on March 1, 2017
By nano on February 16, 2017
Superb Light for the price bracket. Can thoroughly recommend

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