EcoTech Radion XR30w Pro G4

Lighting by EcoTech Marine

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By doctor on January 28, 2018
Great lights but there should be a better explanation how to use with different idems ( iPhone, iPad and HomePage)
By zelax25 on July 24, 2017
By slo-mo-shun on July 17, 2017
Love them. So versatile. They just do what EcoTech claim for them.
By pjvalencia on July 6, 2017
its a great lights, but the fans are terrible. You cant even put it on 20 percent and the fans sound like a train passing by. used mine for a day then removed them and returned it. not going to buy this lights no more.
By ictus on May 10, 2017
Great lights. Blinding on full power
By dtum on January 7, 2017
Fantastic upgrade to the light, really digging the new white channel. Let's see how the corals will react.

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