EcoTech Vectra L1

Pump by EcoTech Marine

3 ratings

Used in 22 aquariums

By peepee on March 25, 2018
been running one in my first tank for nearly 2 years and 5 months in my second tank would not change these to anything else
By slo-mo-shun on July 17, 2017
Ideal for my tank. Only running at 60% at the moment so plenty of capacity to 'T' off for a chiller.
By pjvalencia on July 6, 2017
wrong addverts, It says that it was rated for 6.5 meters and i have only less than 2.9 meters straight and the output is only 2000L/hand and it should be 5500 L/h based on their chart. Didint used it that long. I have to return it back.

Some of the 22 aquariums that use EcoTech Vectra L1