Flipper Aquarium Cleaner

Cleaning by Flipper

9 ratings

Used in 86 aquariums

By aleks991 on March 16, 2023
By dakoda on September 26, 2020
Best glass cleaner I have ever purchased for a tank. I've used Magfloats for years, but they are nothing in comparison to this one!
By leoparda4 on September 20, 2019
Amazing glass cleaner. He's better than Mag-Float. Cleans tough algae from glass without scratching.
By pjvalencia on November 29, 2017
Best cleaner i used in my aquarium. not changing it anytime soon.
By sekunda2003 on August 11, 2017
This is the best cleaner I have had in my many years of aquariums, I use it almost daily
By ictus on May 11, 2017
The best available
By echogi on May 11, 2017
By adammahne on February 23, 2017
By carlonaz on January 11, 2017
absolutely love mine

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