Jebao Powerhead

Powerhead by Jebao

9 ratings

Used in 400 aquariums

By reefrouteaquatics on December 6, 2018
By chiefreef on October 9, 2018
Good Flow for a great price. Easily programmable. I have 2 units controlled via WiFi with no problem at all.
By tihs on July 27, 2017
Average quality. When in pulse mode or high power becomes noisy, noise comes from how speed is regulated and is common to both models I owned. Efficiency decreases over short time, need cleaning regularly. Tiresome to adjust waves and synchronize multiple units over wi-fi. No backup settings after power out. Photodiode of poor quality, and you can't use one diode for all controllers, so you have to place all your controllers in a lightbeam for nightmode to work.
By whitsmitch on June 5, 2017
I have the RW-4 in my tank, and it provides great flow. I run the W1 program (short pulse with the dial on the 8th line) - this gives me a decent wave, and my frogspawn loves the sway!
By tkent on June 4, 2017
More wave setting options than you could ever need. Pretty quiet.
By cagg32 on March 31, 2017
By adammahne on February 21, 2017
Not too bad for what you pay.
By dropped on January 13, 2017
Have 4 in my tank, never failed. Low noise.
By carlonaz on January 10, 2017
for the price can't complain

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