Maxspect Gyre

Powerhead by Maxspect

8 ratings

Used in 267 aquariums

By loki11b on May 1, 2023
By benzophun on June 8, 2018
By spdjnky on March 19, 2018
wish I could program it better
By reeferroad on March 18, 2018
By carlonaz on January 10, 2017
absolutely love it
By ndigaet on January 8, 2017
It si a great product. I use it in wave mode connected to a Profilux and it works perfect.
By fragrock on January 7, 2017
like the oscillating option had one for 2 years but playing up like a spoilt child now.
By dtum on January 7, 2017
All good for the first month and then it falls apart. Waste of money.

Some of the 267 aquariums that use Maxspect Gyre