EcoTech Vortech MP40w ES

Powerhead by EcoTech Marine

7 ratings

Used in 686 aquariums

By bades on April 14, 2023
By bullafca on March 29, 2023
By fragrock on April 15, 2018
i bought my first Ecotech product being the MP40, i have had it operating for a couple of weeks now, i stumbled a little in using the right spacer (12mm glass used the 13mm spacer but i had a film on the outer glass that must of affected the performance), used the gasket in performing well. Saving up for the second MP40.
By eufemior on August 8, 2017
I run only 1 in my tank and it's great, however the cost to get another MP40 to gain the extra features is a little disappointing. Need to shell out another $500 to get another.
By adammahne on May 19, 2017
I run both the QD and the ES version on my tank and the QD is noticeably much more quiet, but it is not unbearable. This pump is so versatile it will probably be the last type of pump I buy, but certainly not the last Vortech.
By myboyblu on March 20, 2017
Very loud. I had 2 installed on a peninsula in my living room. very intrusive both visually and audibly. for less $$$ I would go with Maxspect Gyre.
By dtum on January 15, 2017
Great product but compared to QD version of the same powerhead this gets only 4 stars due to noise. QD is silent.

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