Neptune Apex Controller

Controller by Neptune

8 ratings

Used in 411 aquariums

By flsharkvictim on March 10, 2017
BEST Controller on the market -HANDS DOWN!
By heniutek on February 16, 2017
By myboyblu on January 18, 2017
It drops internet connection regularly, and I have it hard wired. I find myself want more from it but dont know what LOL. I Basically use it as a timer for everything, temp/ph monitoring, and ATO. Maybe my imagine is what limits this product.
By dropped on January 13, 2017
Cant live without it, although its pretty freaking expensive.
By carlonaz on January 11, 2017
Worth every penny
By reeferles on January 8, 2017
Love this product. I have absolutely everything in control. Went to Mexico for 10 days came back and had to clean the glass.....That's all!!!
By dtum on January 7, 2017
Really like the earlier version. No experience with the new one yet.
By adammahne on January 7, 2017
Great controller for the price.

Some of the 411 aquariums that use Neptune Apex Controller