Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

Salt by Red Sea

17 ratings

Used in 338 aquariums

By jeffmell on June 26, 2023
By carlg on May 28, 2023
By brams on April 23, 2023
By aaronmckinstray on April 4, 2023
By mlewicka on December 27, 2022
By reefrouteaquatics on December 6, 2018
By mepluribus on June 30, 2017
By cweller on May 29, 2017
By sekunda2003 on May 7, 2017
By nano on February 28, 2017
Very good levels but too temperamental when it comes to mixing.
By adammahne on February 21, 2017
By mulgabeth on February 19, 2017
Have used standard Red Sea Salt for a while. decided to try Coral Pro and now I am finding that the corals are a little more vibrant.
By statru on February 15, 2017
By heniutek on February 2, 2017
Used it for several years now
By ndigaet on January 30, 2017
By dropped on January 13, 2017
Used for a couple years, switched to the blue bucket now. high alk around 10 dkh
By carlonaz on January 10, 2017
Only salt I use

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