Red Sea Doser

Dosing by Red Sea

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Used in 46 aquariums

By jeffmell on June 26, 2023
By pepe59 on June 26, 2023
I have had two-four head doser for over a year. Flawless performance.
By mattabram96 on June 2, 2023
By kieronm on February 26, 2023
By swrto on February 20, 2023
By shieldspj on January 18, 2023
I needed a 4 head wifi doser. It’s fine for typical dosing needs, but I prefer versas but they’re expensive to use for ALL dosing. They’re also bluetooth only, which I dislike as there is no desktop connection, only phone/tablet. This isn’t A Bluetooth limitation, just lazy ecotech development.

Some of the 46 aquariums that use Red Sea Doser