Red Sea Salt

Salt by Red Sea

12 ratings

Used in 136 aquariums

By shieldspj on January 18, 2023
Red Sea Blue Bucket - cheap, easy to find, levels near where I run.
By phregna79 on February 1, 2019
By reefrouteaquatics on January 7, 2019
High grade salt.
By szajda_m on January 23, 2018
By snyggve on January 10, 2018
By ploman on January 2, 2018
By pjvalencia on November 29, 2017
good product. quality.
By adammahne on June 7, 2017
By echogi on May 16, 2017
By nano on February 16, 2017
Previously used Red Sea Coral Pro, but find this much easier to mix. I just mix to high salinity 1.026 to raise Cal Alk and Mag. Mixes well and good Params. Recommend
By statru on February 15, 2017
By dropped on January 13, 2017

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