Tunze Skimmer 9000 Series

Skimmer by TUNZE

5 ratings

Used in 170 aquariums

By reefranck on May 12, 2023
9001, great Skimming and really quiet !!!
By jodar on March 14, 2023
By pakishi on February 24, 2019
9004 took a bit a tweaking, but it is quiet and has been steadily pulling out nasties from the water since day one.
By tkent on June 4, 2017
Finicky as ever... Haven't had it pull nice sludge yet but I'm going to keep adjusting. (9001)
By mulgabeth on February 19, 2017
9002 served me well. still have it as a backup. great performer for its size. highly recommended

Some of the 170 aquariums that use Tunze Skimmer 9000 Series