October 2016
Changed 10 Gallons of water
Measured TDS at 0.50 ppm
Measured Nitrate at 0.00 ppm
Measured Calcium at 475 ppm
Measured Alkalinity at 10.5 dKH
Measured Phosphate at 0.25 ppm
Measured Magnesium at 1300 ppm
Measured Salinity at 1.023 SG
Measured pH at 8.2 pH
Measured Ammonia at 0.00 ppm
Measured Nitrite at 0.00 ppm
whiskeycoffee ‐ I like the white stand! I have one too but they don't seem too common.
miguelm ‐ It's a DIY, well pseudo DIY project. The stand is the black stand that usually comes with the tank i just used a high gloss oil paint along with wet sanding and it worked out... thankfully!
Thanks for the compliment :)
Added Maroon Yellow Stripe Clownfish
Added Blue Tang
Added Yellow Tang
Added Flame Angelfish
Added Bartlett's Anthias
Added Dispar Anthias
Added Azure Damselfish
Added Talbot's Damselfish
Added Diamond Watchman Goby
Added Purple Firefish
Added Ice Fire Echinata
Added Montipora Setosa
Added Assorted Zoas
Added Acropora Turaki
Added Acropora Coral
Added king damsel
Added Purple Brush Gorgonian
Installed Marineland Aquarium
Aquarium by Aquael
Installed Bubble Magus Curve 5
Skimmer by AquaC
Installed Maxspect Gyre
Powerhead by Hagen
Installed Eshopps RS-75 Sump
Sump by Eshopps
Installed Avast Marine ATO
AutoTopOff by Aqua Trend
Installed Neptune Apex Controller
Controller by Aqua Medic
Installed Tom Aquatics Aqua Lifter Water and Air Pump
Aquarium by Aquael
Installed Generic ATC Refractometer
Refractometer by Aqua One
Installed Water General 100 GPD
RODI by Aqua FX
Installed Marineland Cube Monterey Stand
Stand by Marineland
Installed Reef Crystals
Salt by Aqua Medic
Installed Hanna Calcium Reagents
TestKit by Aqua One
Installed Hanna Alkalinity Checker
TestKit by Aqua One
Installed ELOS Magnesium (Mg) Test Kit
TestKit by Aqua One
Installed CaribSea Arag-Alive Reef Sand
Substrate by API
Installed Bulk Reef Supply Bulk Deionization Resin Color Changing
RODIMedia by Aqua Medic
Installed API Phosphate Test Kit
TestKit by Aqua One
April 2016
Installed EcoTech Radion XR15w Pro
Lighting by Aquael